What is Cron Jobs ? What does it Do?

So Hello Guys, Today I will tell you what is Cron Jobs and what does it do?

What is Cron Jobs ?

So Guys Cron is a Software used in Linux Servers, it is a time-based process scheduler.

You may have seen a option ‘ Cron Jobs ‘ in your cPanel, do you want to know what does this do? So let me explain you in a easy language :-

So guys you would know that to keep updated our server , software , scripts we must need to check that is there any software update available ? We have to check this periodically and also there are some processes we have to perform in our system or server time to time and some persons and companies didn’t have time to perform that process again and again , and some processes cannot be done manually. and that’s why Cron Job Software was created, Cron Job is a software which performs our process time to time.

for example, I have created a file from which I can update my software if software update is available. But I cannot run that file again and again to update my software. so I set a cron job to run that file every hour. so Cron Job will open that file every hour and update my software if software update is available.

You may have heard about an web hosting billing automation software named WHMCS. WHMCS also uses cron to check that is any product’s payment is pending, understand it in a easy language :-

WHMCS created a file which checks that is there any product’s payment date is coming or is there any product’s payment is still unpaid or is there any WHMCS Update available etc.

and when that file runs , if any product’s payment date is coming then that file will create a invoice for that product, and if any product’s payment is still unpaid then that file will suspend that product, and if any WHMCS Software Update is available that file will notify the admin . But if they set that whenever we open the WHMCS Admin Panel that file will run then it will increase load on the server too much because that file performs too many processes and actions and due to that it increases load on the server.

so they decided to run that file via cron job. cron job schedule that file and we can set in cron jobs that when the file will run , Like after every 5 minute or after every 10 minute or after every hour or after every two hour or after every day.

Guys, I hope you liked the post. Thanks for reading 🙂

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