What is LiteSpeed Cache or LiteSpeed WebServer ?

Hello Guys ! Today I will tell you that what is LiteSpeed WebServer or LiteSpeed Cache ? So Guys LiteSpeed is a WebServer which is made on Apache and is used in Linux Server. LiteSpeed uses Cache Technology to speed up websites and decrease load on the server, to understand it well enough you have to understand what is Cache Memory ?

What is Cache Memory ?

Cache Memory is a memory which is the nearest memory to the CPU .

In the above image you can see that Cache Memory is nearest Memory to the CPU but RAM and Disk are little bit away from the CPU

Whenever we open any program in our system then our system load that program via memory and if the memory is near then the program will load fast. For example, you want to carry an apple from market and market is 1km away from you but apple is exists in your room which is 1meter away from you so if you carry the apple from your room then you can carry soon but if you take it from the market then it take some time. As well as, if your system ( means CPU ) will load the program via it’s nearest memory then it takes less time but if it loads from little bit away disk then it takes little bit more time.

How LiteSpeed Cache or LiteSpeed WebServer works?

So guys LiteSpeed is a webserver name created by LiteSpeed Company.

LiteSpeed is a webserver which is used for Linux Servers. When we open a website in our browser then our browser calls to the server and get the data via server which takes some time and also increases load on the server.

in the easy language :- when we open any website in our browser then browser first check the domain’s Nameserver and then it gets server IP from the Nameserver and our browser calls to that server via the server IP and says to the server to send the data of that domain which we have entered and then our browser load the data which he get from the server so it take some time and also it increases load on the server. Yes obviously if we do any process then it increases load on us same like that if server perform any action or process then the load on the server will be increased.

So When we open a website of a server where LiteSpeed webserver is installed then his site saves the downloaded data in our browser so that when we open his website again or we open another page of his website then it directly load the data downloaded in our browser, it doesn’t call to server again. This loads our website fastly and also decreases load on the server.

LiteSpeed Cache is a WordPress plugin it is only used in WordPress sites. It has some advance options to control caching.

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