What’s the difference between SHARED Hosting , VPS and Dedicated Server ?

So hello guys, today I will explain you that what is SHARED Hosting , VPS and DEDICATED Server. So first we have to know about DEDICATED Server.

What is Dedicated Server ?

So guys, dedicated server is a machine just like your PC, it has CPU, RAM, disk storage. A dedicated server is a complete machine. It has full access to resources.

What is VPS ?

So guys VPS ( Virtual Private Server ) is a virtual machine. it doesn’t exists physically. As you read in the above paragraph that Dedicated server is a complete machine so Dedicated server exists physically but VPS doesn’t exists physically. It is created VIRTUALLY.

VPS is made by Dedicated Server or a Node. A Node is a combination of many Dedicated Servers. Using Virtualization Technology we can create a VPS from Dedicated Server or Node. But VPS is little bit slow in comparison to Dedicated Server.

Let’s Understand why it is slow in comparison to Dedicated server,

We can create many VPS from a Node or Dedicated Server, and the resources of a Dedicated server or Node is shared to all VPS created from them. For Example think, I have a Dedicated Server of 12 Core and I created 7 VPS from that Dedicated Server so 12 Core will be shared with 7 VPS together. and one of my VPS is using too much resources, that VPS is using almost 8 Core. So Only 4 Core will be given to other 6 VPS and another one VPS is also using 4 Core so there is nothing left for other VPS so other VPS can’t complete their processes and the other VPS will be slow.

But Dedicated Server has a full access of resources and if I didn’t sell VPS from my Dedicated Server then I can use 12 Core and I didn’t share Resources with any other VPS so Dedicated Server will work fast.

What is Shared Hosting ?

So Guys in shared hosting, resources is also shared like VPS |

Shared Hosting can be sold via VPS and Dedicated Server.

For Example, I have a dedicated server and I sold 20 Shared Hosting to my customers and they created their websites on shared hosting. I have Dedicated Server of 12 Core and 64GB RAM so these Core and RAM will be shared to all 20 Shared Hosting and any site hosted on shared hosting provided by me can use these resources.

But via CloudLinux Technology we can also set resources limits for shared Hosting clients. and it is also important because if any client’s website use more resources then other client’s website will be go slow so it is important to set limits for every client. via CloudLinux Technology we can set CPU , RAM , I/O ENTRY PROCESS etc Limits for every client and then client cannot use more resources than the limit.

Some General Questions asked by clients :-

Question1. Which server is fast ? VPS or Dedicated ?

Answer :- Obviously Dedicated Server. Dedicated server is faster than VPS because it doesn’t share it’s resources with any other dedicated server and it is a complete machine and it exists physicially.

Question2. Can we sell VPS from VPS ?

Answer :- No, you cannot sell VPS via VPS. But you can sell VPS via Dedicated Server or Node but you have to purchase a big Dedicated Server. Like you cannot make a apple from apple but you can make a apple from a tree of apple.

Question3. if the resources are shared then our data is also shared ?

Answer :- No, resources shared means you are sharing CPU , RAM etc. But you are also sharing Disk , but it doesn’t mean other people can see your files and data. Only the owner of server can see your data.

Question4. How we open VPS or Dedicated Server via internet ?

Answer: Every VPS or Dedicated Server has an IP Address and from the IP Address we can open VPS or Dedicated Server. But If you want to Open your Domain name then you have to connect your domain name to the server IP via Nameserver or a records.

so at the end, Dedicated Server is a fully complete machine which has CPU, RAM , Disk and it exists physically. But VPS is a Virtual Machine which doesn’t exists physically and it doesn’t have any physical Core , RAM or Disk , it is created by a dedicated or node server and it uses the resources of a node or dedicated server. Shared Hosting is also not exists physically it is also virtually it uses the resources of a dedicated server or VPs.

Thanks for reading. I hope you liked the post 🙂

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