What is difference between ECC and Non-ECC RAM ?

Hello Guys Welcome back to our blog, today i will explain you what is ECC and Non-ECC RAM. So let’s start…

What is RAM ?

So, before understanding about ECC and Non-ECC , let me explain a little bit about RAM. RAM stands for Random Access Memory . When you open any program in your device like you’re opening Google Chrome in your Device then it will be loaded into RAM before showing to you. So in general, everything which is loading is using RAM. Like you’re playing a music in your PC then your RAM is loading data from your disk to RAM so RAM is consuming. Like you have a server, you’re playing an music or video in your website then it also consumes RAM, you’re loading an HTML Page or CSS , JS etc. then it also use a little bit ram for once. everything which is being loaded from your disk is consuming RAM. We all know these electric things works on 0 and 1 , it stores data in the format of 0 and 1.

RAM having bytes, each byte contains 8 bits and each bit having a boolean value 0 or 1. There are 1000 bytes and 8000 bits in 1 KB.

RAM having bits for stroing data, Bits understands for Binary Digits. It stores data in boolean format like 0 and 1 which are binary digits.

CPU read data from disks and load that data into RAM bits in the format of 0 and 1, and then show to us in monitor. But it stores data for a temporary time, when the PC or Server reboots or stops then data will be erased from RAM and then it loads data again when you do anything.

What is ECC ?

ECC stands for error correcting code. This type of RAM have an additional feature for error detection and correction. as we explained above that RAM have bits in which it stores data in the format of 0 and 1 so sometimes due to some issues or invalid signals maye data is changed or corrupted so ot may cause system failure, system crash or anything. So for maintaining the stability of system and data ECC RAM has been made. ECC RAM verify data before processing it and if any data corruption or change or error is detected then ECC corrects that change and then process the data so it will avoid risk of processing invalid data. Let’s Look into deep,

Unlike a normal RAM, ECC ( Error Correcting Code ) RAM contains additional memory chips that uses an complex algorithm to verify the data which is being processed by the system. it uses an method to verify, that method is called parity checking. ECC RAM having some additional bytes called parity bytes to check the data, and if any error or corruption detected into the data then parity bytes will corrects the error using it’s algorithm and then proccess the data.

Which RAM should you choose ?

ECC RAM are little bit expensive but ECC is the best. if you’re running a server then you should use ECC RAM to avoid any system failure , data loses or downtime and stability. if you’re running a PC same things apply on you, if you want to prevent any data loses, system failure etc. and you want a smooth experience then always choose an ECC RAM.

Thanks , hope you understood everything , if you have any question then please comment 🙂 .

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