How To Speed Up your WordPress Website ?

So Hello Guys , Welcome to the HostBet.In Blog , so today we will discuss about speeding up our WordPress websites in our servers.

So as you know that we have LiteSpeed Webservers so we can install LiteSpeed Cache Plugin On our WordPress websites. Basically we are running a cron from every 15 days , from that Cron we Automatically installs LiteSpeed Cache Plugin on all WordPress websites hosted on our server. But if you can’t wait for 15 days you can install it right now ! Here we are giving a few steps from which you can Install LiteSpeed Cache Plugin on your WordPress website :-

  1. So First Login to Your WordPress Admin Dashboard.
  2. Then go to plugins >> add new.
  1. Then search LiteSpeed Cache And then install and activate that plugin.

Now your website will be speeded up and if you want to make it super fast then watch our video about LiteSpeed Cache Plugin Configuration :-

LiteSpeed Cache Plugin Configuration for WordPress By HostBet.In


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