What is LiteSpeed Cache or LiteSpeed WebServer ?

So Hello Guys , today I will explain you what is LiteSpeed Cache or LiteSpeed WebServer ? Basically you understand LiteSpeed cache as a WordPress plugin and it is a WordPress plugin also and LiteSpeed WebServer is a Webserver like Apache for Linux Servers. For Understanding LiteSpeed Cache or LiteSpeed WebServer first we have to understand what is cache memory ?

What is Cache Memory ?

Cache Memory is a memory like RAM , it is the nearest memory to CPU, Let’s understand this with a image.

In the above image you can see that Cache Memory is more nearest than other memories like storage drive or RAM. So let’s understand it,

When we open any program in any system then we send an command to CPU and then CPU Load that Program from Disk or Other memories , so think that Storage or RAM is 5cm. Far from CPU and Cache memory is 2cm. Far from CPU. and when CPU loads an data from storage memory then CPU needs to send an instruction command 5cm. Far and then storage memory resend data 5cm far then it will be 10cm. whereas in cache memory cpu sends an instruction command 2cm far and then cache memory sends data to cpu 2cm. Far then it will be 4cm. so here cache memory saves time . Now I will explain you how LiteSpeed cache or LiteSpeed WebServer works:-

How LiteSpeed Cache or LiteSpeed WebServer works?

So guys litespeed WebServer is a name used by litespeed company and the technology used in this WebServer is LiteSpeed cache.

If LiteSpeed WebServer is installed on a server and we open a website hosted on that server then LiteSpeed Webserver on that server will save some data of that website on our browser and when we again open that site then our browser didn’t need to call that server to load data , our browser will load data from that saved data or cache. LiteSpeed WebServer increases server and website performance and also controls server load.

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